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Terms & Conditions


  1. Payment: Acceptable forms of payment include: Cash (Cash only payment may be specified for individual bidders at the discretion of Apple Tree Auction Center), Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, or Discover), Wire Transfer, or by Certified or Personal Check (with approval from Apple Tree Auction Center Inc.). For payments by check returned INSF, the bidder expressly authorizes Apple Tree Auction Center Inc. to electronically debit the account for the full amount owed, with any additional fees incurred including but not limited to: Returned Check Fees.

  2. Buyer’s Premium & Minimum Bids: All purchases are subject to a fifteen percent (15%) Buyer’s Premium, discounted at a rate of five percent (5%) for payment by Cash or approved Check. Purchases through online venues including but not limited to Invaluable and Auction Zip, are subject to a Buyer’s Premium of twenty percent (20%). Additionally, Coins and Currency require a minimum opening bid of twenty percent (20%) over face value of the monies. Appraised Jewelry may also be subject to a required opening bid of ten percent (10%) of appraised retail value.

  3. Buyer’s Responsibility: Buyers assume full and complete responsibility for all lots immediately after a successful bid. Buyer further represents that they assume full responsibility for the shipping costs, coordination, and associated fees which may arise from a successful bid(s) at the auction. Apple Tree Auction Center assumes no responsibility for consigned items once sold, nor assumes any responsibility for potential damages and/or claims arising from the loading and/or transportation of “Sold” goods even if assisted by Apple Tree Auction staff and/or representatives. All sales are subject to any/all sales taxes including those from: The State of Ohio, and Licking County. Tax exempt bidders, purchasing goods for resale, must complete a proper tax exemption form which includes both a signature and valid resale number. Any property remaining on Apple Tree Auction Center’s premises more than fifteen (15) days after purchase will be subject to a five dollar ($5.00) fee per day, per item. Buyer’s property remaining on the premises more than thirty (30) days after the auction will be considered abandoned and will then become the property of the Auctioneer. Apple Tree Auction Center reserves the right to dispose of, sell, or otherwise distribute these goods without notification or dispute to/from the Buyer.

  4. Warranty & Disclaimers: Apple Tree Auction Center has made reasonable effort to describe the lots available for sale at public auction. However, these descriptions are not a warranty. Any and all lots available for purchase are sold and disclaimed, “As Is, Where Is, With Reasonable Faults”. Apple Tree Auction Center reserves the right to make corrections to photography, videos, descriptions, etc. until the public solicitation for bids on a lot. Verbal corrections may be made, by the auctioneer, at the time of solicitation. Buyers are encouraged to visit our facilities prior to the auction, in order to preview the lots being offered for sale. Descriptions of lots being offered for sale are not guarantees, and they should not be considered as such.

  5. Auctioneer: The Auctioneer reserves the express right to resolve all bid disputes arising between Buyers. In addition, Apple Tree Auction Center reserves the right to, at their sole discretion: reject bids of incorrect increments, establish reserves, set opening/minimum bids, and remove consigned goods from public auction before the public solicitation for bids. Apple Tree Auction Center Inc. and its employees, affiliates, and agents reserve the right to bid, competitively or otherwise, on any and all lots offered up for sale through the Auctioneer. Apple Tree Auction Center Inc. and its affiliated auctioneers are licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Auctioneers are bonded in favor of the State of Ohio, or participate in the “Auction Recovery Fund” created in section 4707.25 of the Ohio Revised Code.

  6. Bidding: All sales are final. All purchased lots, without exception, must be paid for the day of the auction. No returns, exchanges, or credits are given on any purchases made at/with Apple Tree Auction Center. Goods are sold via a public solicitation for bids. Additional bids may be accepted through Absentee Bidding Forms (Print and Online) Online Bidding, by Proxy, and Phone Bidders. Bidding of any form constitutes agreement by the Bidder of all Terms and Conditions, in their entirety, referenced here and otherwise, without question, litigation, or dispute by the Bidder.