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Our Team

Our Team

Sam and Debbie are both very involved in the daily operations of the business. Additionally, Apple Tree has developed a very professional group of dedicated associates. We are proud of our team, and the expertise that our associates provide throughout the auction process.

Spencer Johnson (Debbie's oldest son) joined our team in October 2017. He has received certification from GIA as an Applied Jewelry Professional. He continues to take classes through GIA to further his knowledge on jewelry. Spencer became a licensed auctioneer in 2019.

Meredith Johnson is in charge of our social media advertising. She also helps  with photographing and cataloging jewelry and other items. Meredith is currently an apprentice auctioneer.

Nicholas Cochran serves as our technical support here at Apple Tree. He is a licensed auctioneer and assist with auction duties. He keeps our programs running smoothly, resolves our technical issues, and ensures that we are informed and up-to-date on all technological advances.

Kim Felts is the friendly face greeting people in the front office. She has over five years of office experience and manages the consignor records for maximum efficiency. She also claims she is perfect.

Mark Harris travels extensively, ensuring that we receive some of the finest doll collections in the country.

Lillie Leonard is our very competent office manager. Lillie also acts as our title clerk for all vehicle sales. Lillie is also responsible for the extensive paperwork required for all of our firearm transfers. Complete ATF compliance is absolutely essential and important to us at Apple Tree.

Korie McFarland is a valued part of our office staff, assisting in the shipping department as well as payment processing.

Lue Rhinehart leads our very busy household auction crew. Lue, assisted by our hard working crew, is responsible for handling pick-ups for Apple Tree.

Joanne Czinke, Susie Stuart, and Louise Yeakley head up our cataloging and research team. While very knowledgeable, they are also an exceptional research staff. They handle many aspects of both our antique and specialty auctions.

Sandy Laszlo and Greg Graham are kept busy sorting and cataloging the wide variety of dolls we receive for these auctions. Our doll auctions have continued to be more and more successful over the past nine years.